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Trustworthy and professional Intellectual Property evaluation and certification services are a cornerstone component of commercial transactions, especially when expanding to international markets.

When it comes to intangible assets (like patents, trademarks or copyright), proper licensing and protection are the key to safeguarding potential business opportunities and profit.

At the Canada-China Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center Ltd., our role is to help North American businesses protect and secure their intellectual property rights in the Chinese market.

We look forward to working with you and secure your intellectual property in China.

Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with a full range of IP evaluation and consulting services.

Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with a full range of IP evaluation and consulting services.

  • By providing comprehensive IP consulting and patent management services, we build a bridge of communication between companies in China and North America, ensuring the seamless collaboration between the two regions and the protection of your assets in the new market.
  • We are partnered with the Chinese State Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center (SIPECC), focusing on the IP evaluation and certification in the North American region. Our partnered Center was initiated and established by the China Patent Technology Development Company and is approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
  • Currently, we are the sole IP and enterprise valuation service authorized to operate in the North American region by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center.


According to the Canadian Bureau of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, China is Canada’s second-largest trading partner. As a result, the market ties between the two countries are deep and strong. However, the legislature regarding IP protection in China is different: Canadian patents, trademarks, and designs do not secure your company’s rights outside of Canada. Therefore, if you wish to do business in China, a full brand asset valuation and certification tailored to the Chinese market is something you should consider.

Apart from protecting your company’s interests over trademark disputes, an IP valuation is an essential step for more business opportunities and growth. Over the years we have worked with many types of companies in a wide range of markets.


Intellectual property and intangible asset management apply to many commercial sectors such as:

  • Enterprise clients

  • Government and functional management department

  • Financial securities investment institutions

  • Research institutes and science parks

  • Parties involved in intellectual property transactions

  • Administrative law enforcement agencies and judicial organs

  • Law/accounting/registered intellectual property lawyer cooperation partners

  • Federal/Provincial/Municipal government support agencies

  • Research institutes in universities/post-secondary schools

  • Corporate/private research and development organizations

  • Industry associations

  • Listed companies/innovation funds/angel funds