Intellectual property is a significant part of your brand’s total market value. Discover and protect its actual worth in the international market!

Patents protect the inventions and core technology of your company. Protect it against infringement and safeguard your business in the Chinese market.

We offer a comprehensive suite of IP consulting services across the North American and Chinese markets. Learn more about our business solutions!

Canada-China Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center Ltd.

Our company provides a full range of IP consulting services to clients across North America using our partner company’s EGFI system. That stands for Evaluation, Guarantee, Financing and Investment.


  • 1. Evaluation and Certification

    During this part of our service process, we will perform a professional and authoritative intellectual property evaluation, made by the State Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center.

  • 2. Guarantee

    We can provide your company with an intellectual property financing guarantee, accepted by the China Patent Technology Development Company.

  • 3. Financing of enterprises

    We connect you with financing channels with the State Intellectual Property Office guided mother funds as a core, and with private sub-funds, trust funds, etc., as supplements

  • 4. Investment

    In today’s market, intellectual property often accounts for more than 80% of a company’s value, especially in the technology business. Contrary to physical assets, intangible property can grow exponentially. That’s why we offer you a full range of investment and financing opportunities for technology based enterprises


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