We are ready to provide you with a full range of IP evaluation and consulting services.

Intellectual property (IP for short), in many cases, makes up most of a company’s total market value.

The term itself engulfs all of the intangible assets associated with a particular business. These assets (also called goodwill) might include patents, licenses, brands, software, databases, accounts, contracts and other confidential material.

Understanding the value of IP is a key strategic factor in the decision-making and transactions of any business, especially in those who rely their business model on patents (such as pharmaceutical or tech companies). We have a highly specialized team of experts in the Chinese market that can create a reliable valuation of all types of IP.

  • Patent Quality Evaluation and Certification

    Using an IP evaluation system researched and developed by the State Intellectual Property Evaluation and Certification Center (SIPECC), we can accurately evaluate and certify a registered patent’s projected value. The result will provide you with actionable data regarding your future strategy. Our service also identifies similar patents already used by companies in China and offers consultation in case of litigation.

  • Enterprise Value Analysis Report

    To put it simply, the enterprise value of a business is the measurement of the value of a company’s revenue, rather than the value of the company itself. This financial analysis does not take into account debts and liabilities and it is most often used as a more accurate alternative to market capitalization.

  • Patent Value Analysis Report

    How much is your patent worth? Based on systems developed by SIPECC, we offer a comprehensive patent value analysis report for your perusal. An intellectual property overview and quality analysis will provide you with a better valuation of your enterprise in the Chinese market.

  • Compensation for Infringement of IP Valuation

    Intellectual property infringement is a widespread phenomenon and you need to be prepared to strike back! In an effort to deter infringers, Chinese courts introduced harsher penalties in case of litigation, but you should be prepared nevertheless! Our company provides you with a report on the value of the compensation in case of IP infringement to safeguard your assets against “patent trolls.”