A patent is usually the first thing they will check before deciding to put money on an idea.

Patents are the guarantee that safeguards the inventions and core technology of a company.

In simple words, a patent ensures that your ideas and strategy are rock-solid against cases of copying or industrial espionage. Furthermore, a clear and precise patent is the basis of a company’s strategy and has the potential of attracting more investors. A patent is usually the first thing they will check before deciding to put money on an idea. Our team of experts can help you formulate your patent in such a way that will be attractive to Chinese investors, but also clearly delineates and protects your technology.

Prior Art Novelty Research

Innovation is the key to a potentially investor-attractive business model and your patent is what encapsulates it. Our team can offer you a complete valuation of the novelty of your patent in the Chinese market and dynamically track R&D processes to timely avoid patent risks and provide your team with actionable data.

Service Includes:

  • Novelty Assessment Research
  • Technology Path Analysis
  • Project Approval Evaluation
  • Patent Tracking Analysis
Patent Protection Distribution

China has a considerably different legal structure regarding intellectual property, including patents. We can research and evaluate the legal status and stability of your patent rights within the Chinese market. Furthermore, our team can provide you with a full patentability report on specific technical solutions and formulate a draft based on R&D data, in order to maximize patent protection against infringement.

Service Includes:

  • R&D Patent Mining
  • Patentability Analysis
  • Patent Overall Distribution (Patent Combining Scheme)
Portfolio Management

The management of your patent portfolio can be a substantial revenue source for your business if handled correctly. Regular audits and constant maintenance are required to ensure maximization of profit. Our team can help you solidify your business objective and formulate long-term strategic planning regarding your patent portfolio.

Contingency Management

When it comes to patent filing and protection, you must not leave anything to luck. We can help you formulate a comprehensive contingency plan in the case of infringement litigation and respond rapidly with an offensive and defensive judicial strategy. Also, we can perform a patent risk analysis on the application of a specific technology in different regions and countries.

Competitive Intelligence

Stay one step ahead of the competition by getting insights on their patent and IP holdings. We can perform a dynamic analysis of the technologies used by enterprises in your field and provide you with reliable competitor intelligence. This process involves the selection and collection of publicly available information of strategic value. Competitive IP intelligence can give your R&D team an edge on potential. The deliverables include a Claim Chart that can be used for subsequent actions.

Service Includes:

  • Analysis of competitor patent distribution
  • Competitor IP evaluation
  • Patent licensing analysis
  • Due diligence on initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Patent transaction trusteeship
Other Services

Our company also offers a comprehensive suite of IP consulting and management across China and North America. Our goal is to help your company secure its IP rights outside of your home country.

Some of our other services include:

  • Intermediary services for companies between China and North America
  • Intellectual property training services (China & North America)
  • IP-related investment and financing services
  • Consultation services for IP management.